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    manager said

Hello and welcome to Neve Simcha, the biggest, oldest and most professional
retirement home in the Haredi-religious sector

Our home exist over 36 years and over the past thousands of residents and their
families enjoyed and are enjoying the pleasure of our personal dedication,
professional and skilled care. The motto of ‘Neve Simcha’ is ‘Joy of life to
the elderly’-because we believe that every resident, before anything else, is a
person who needs a supportive environment that provides love, personal dedication,
culture, the richest and most satisfying life possible.

In ‘Neve Simcha we have the division for the independent, the infirm, three
nursing departments, two departments for the mentally frail, the convalescent
home recovering department and a department sheltered housing.


Our very warm experienced and dedicated staff, inspired by giving and caring, sees
their job as a public mission and considers the elderly their top priority.


Our facility is licensed and supervised by government institutions such as the
Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Welfare. Additionally we are recognized
by the Ministry of Defense, the National insurance and the health funds.


With the intention to include those interested in the residence’s services and to
ensure a high quality service in a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere as the
tradition and reputation of our home, I suggest you to browse the site and get
as much information and details of our departments, the different available
options, the names of our staff in administration, welfare and medicine to
which you can turn for anything and everything.

The team at ‘Neve Simcha’ is here for you and makes every effort to assist you and
serve each request. Our task, among many others, is to listen, to give advice
and respond to each question. Therefore, our doors are open at all times
for residents, their families, their relatives and new candidates.

We are very happy to answer all your questions, to be partners in your doubts and to
help you make the right decision according your demands.

As we are obliged by Chazal: ‘to stand in honor of the elderly’, ‘to respect the
elderly’ and of course ‘to honor your father and mother’, we view our work as a
holy mission and a task tasks to be performed with reverence.

In this website you will find all the information you need in order to get to know
the residence. We are happy to listen, respond, assist and help as best as we

Wishing you long healthy years,

Rav Menachem Klein